Political expression at the fair: crop art & drink spitting?

Minnesotans got creative with glue and seeds and found a big audience for their political expressions in the Ag-Hort building. Nikki Tundel snapped a few photos for me.

This wedding cake with the names of married men "defending marriage sanctity" has been popular on Twitter:

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This one mentions both the marriage amendment and Voter ID.

And this one is just on the voter ID amendment.

Nikki says she did not find any "Vote Yes" art.

One alleged act of political expression at the fair is causing some consternation among marriage amendment supporters.

Minnesota for Marriage is asking for a lemonade stand employee who bragged on Twitter about spitting in the drink of a Vote Yes supporter to be removed from her job. A spokesman said the group is asking its supporters not to respond in kind.

The State Fair had no immediate comment on the matter.

Update: A spokesperson for the state fair said, "We did some digging on this one and there's nothing to substantiate whether this occurred. Neither the State Fair Police or our Concessions & Exhibits Department have heard from any witnesses or complainants claiming to have seen or been the purchaser of the spat-in lemonade."

(MPR Photos/Nikki Tundel)