Central Corridor 75% finished by the end of the year

That's the prediction from the light rail construction moguls.

Here are a couple of snappy photos I took today.

The one above looks up Cedar St. from downtown St. Paul north toward the Capitol.

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Heck, since the rails are already in on the block in the foreground why not put in a short cable car service? Or Boy Scouts pushing/pulling them?

On my way up Cedar I encountered the fast-rising 10th street station, one of 18 on the Central Corridor light rail line connecting downtown St. Paul with downtown Minneapolis.

The light rail bosses are standing by their prediction; trains running by late 2014.

And, of course, courtesy of the magnificent Minnesota Historical Society digitized collection of images I can't resist tacking on this one.


It's a 1948 St. Paul Dispatch Pioneer Press photo of a west-bound streetcar, yes, on University Ave., back in the day before the system was shut down in 1954.