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Fed action expected to try to invigorate U.S. economy

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We'll get an update on what the Federal Reserve might announce on Thursday to jump-start the economy. 

From the Associated Press:

If the world's investors are right, the Federal Reserve is about to take a bold new step to try to invigorate the U.S. economy. Many expect the Fed to unleash its most potent weapon: A third round of bond purchases meant to ease long-term interest rates and spur borrowing and spending. Others foresee a more measured response when the Fed ends a two-day policy meeting ends Thursday: An extension of its timetable for any rise in record-low short-term rates beyond its target of late 2014 at the earliest.

We'll also discuss a possible plan in Congress to only approve another six-month budget and what that short-term deal might mean for the credit rating agencies' views of the country's debt.