On Friday’s show

IN-DEPTH 9:00 The Friday Roundtable will examine deception on the campaign trail. When so much of what we hear in political ads - and from the candidates themselves - is factually questionable, what's a voter to do?

9:45 Frank Rich will discuss his article My Embed in Red.

10:06 A new movie, Tornado Alley, opens at the Science Museum of Minnesota. The director, Sean Casey, will join us.

IN-DEPTH 10:20 Advice columnist Amy Dickinson will join us with advice about how to hold a civil, yet spirited, conversation in a divisive political season.

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IN-DEPTH 11:15 Political cartoons. Once viewed via fliers or a daily newspaper, political cartoons are now accessed anywhere, anytime. With accessibility comes the ability for a cartoon to go viral and offend.

11:40 Every year thousands of pet owners struggle with the decision of whether to put down their aging and sick pets, so why isn't there more discussion around end of life care and decision making for animals? Jessica Pierce looks at why our country doesn't put more emphasis on pain management for pets and what can be done to open up the discussion.

All segments are subject to change.

--Stephanie Curtis, social media host