Guthrie’s “Thirty Below” program takes the line out of rush tickets


The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis today announced it's making rush tickets available over the phone for younger patrons.

Instead of requiring people to line up at the box office, the "Thirty Below" program allows people aged 30 or younger to call the Guthrie on the day of the show to reserve available rush tickets.

Guthrie Marketing director Trisha Kirk says the deal will apply to all Guthrie productions, large or small

"If for a performance of "A Christmas Carol" we have open seats on the day of the performance people can, again '30 Below' you can buy them at rush price. We are not going to exclude our big hits," she said. "We want all tickets open available."

Rush tickets can be as cheap as $15 depending on the show. Thirty Below participants can also buy up to three additional tickets at the same price for friends, and Kirk says they don't have to meet the age requirement.

"Everybody doesn't need to be 30 and under," Kirk said. "If, let's say, I was 27 years old and I wanted to bring three friends, we're not going to card those three friends."

Kirk says while she hopes Thirty Below will encourage new patrons, it's really directed at young people already using the rush line.

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