Prostate cancer scanning: Photos from inside Mayo's lab

New imaging agent
Ping Fang, a senior chemist in Radiology at Mayo Clinic, monitors the production of C-11 methyl choline in a lab Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2012 at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. C-11 choline is an agent used during PET scans to help detect reoccurring prostate cancer. The Mayo Clinic is the only health facility in the U.S. currently approved by the FDA to administer Choline during PET scans, and they plan to expand their production and services to offer it to more patients.
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When treating cancer patients who suffer a second bout of the disease, doctors know catching the recurrence soon is crucial to the patient's chances of survival. It's especially been a challenge with prostate cancer. That's why a new Mayo Clinic scanning technique that helps doctors detect recurring prostate cancers months or even years earlier than before, is receiving considerable attention.