Where the Minn. congressional delegation stands on gun control

The Connecticut school shootings could mean a renewed effort in Congress to restrict access to guns. Where does Minnesota's delegation stand on gun control?

Brett Neely, Washington, D.C. reporter for MPR News, wrote yesterday,

In Minnesota's congressional delegation, there is a big divide about what to do. There is also silence from some who have touted familiarity with firearms in a common campaign tactic.

In an interview she may now be regretting, Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota's 6th District told a conservative radio host in Iowa last year that her favorite gun was an assault weapon that is one of the nation's top sellers.

"My favorite gun is an AR-15 because you can be so accurate with it," Bachmann said.

That's the same weapon police say Adam Lanza used in the Sandy Hook shootings. Police say he also killed his mother. Bachmann did not respond to requests for comment.

The strongest support for tighter gun laws has long come from politicians who represent liberal, urban districts where gun ownership rates tend to be lower and gun violence more common.

That's no different in Minnesota.

Neely joins The Daily Circuit to discuss the politics of gun control in Washington.

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