Notes in the Margins: Admissions questions, blacks in IB, and ratings for a price

Expert suggests putting all black students in IB To close gaps, schools must make the students who are behind (e.g., black students) run faster. And if they do not, then gaps remain. It does come down to a requirement. There is no negotiating excellence and better outcomes. (The Washington Post)

New college application questions encourage creative thinking Trying to get beyond the self-aggrandizing essays of the past, new college application questions aim to probe more deeply and reveal the student's personality.  (Los Angeles Times)

Ratings at a Price for Smaller Universities A ratings system that gives lesser-known universities the chance to highlight their qualities by paying a fee creates potential for conflicts of interest, detractors say.


 (The New York Times)

Online Courses Look for a Business Model Free classes, open to the masses, seek to generate revenue from content licensing, exams or job-referral services. (The Wall Street Journal)

College football bowl game attendance continues slide Through the first 19 games of the postseason, attendance is down an average of 3,138 fans per game from the 2011-12 bowl slate. (USA Today)

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