Notes in the Margins: China, Latinos and condoms

Among University of California Applicants, Latinos Take the Lead For the first time, the University of California system has received more freshman applications from Latino students than from any other racial or ethnic group in the state. (The New York Times)

Next Made-in-China Boom: College Graduates China is making a $250 billion-a-year investment in what economists call human capital. The Chinese government is using large subsidies to educate tens of millions of young people as they move from farms to cities. The aim is to change the current system, in which a tiny, highly educated elite oversees vast armies of semi-trained factory workers and rural laborers. China wants to move up the development curve by fostering a much more broadly educated public, one that more closely resembles the multifaceted labor forces of the United States and Europe. (The New York Times)

How U-Va. cheats some great students Last spring, Washington area students took more than 750 unnecessary Advanced Placement exams. At least 2,250 hours of effort and $67,000 in test fees were wasted because department heads in many of our finest colleges and universities haven’t a clue about what is happening in high schools like ours. (The Washington Post)

Dorm vending machines offer chips, candy – and condoms From the University of New Hampshire to Vanderbilt University, some colleges sell condoms in vending machines that also have food and beverages. (USA Today)

New pressure on colleges to disclose grads’ earnings Efforts to disclose the earnings potential of degrees in specific majors from particular colleges and universities are picking up steam, promising to bring competitive pressure to bear on institutions by steering students away from programs with lower market value and colleges whose graduates fare poorly—and holding higher education directly accountable for the return on investments made by families and taxpayers. (The Hechinger Report via NAICU)

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