Minnesota sees coldest temperatures in years

Mark Seeley
MPR meteorologist Mark Seeley
MPR Photo/Tom Weber

This week's weather pattern brought the coldest temperatures in years to many parts of Minnesota, and coldest in the nation on some dates. There were many reports of lows ranging from minus 30 degrees to minus 40 degrees across the north, with windchills ranging from minus 35 to minus 50 degrees at times.

A relative absence of snowfall has been prevalent in most Minnesota counties this month. Many observers are reporting just 1 to 3 inches for the month so far. Only a few observers like Roseau, Crookston, Warroad, Kettle Falls, Wolfe Ridge, and International Falls have received 8-10 inches of snowfall.

Warming trend begins over the weekend, bringing with it a chance for mixed precipitation, perhaps snow, freezing rain and drizzle. Temperatures will moderate into the 20s to lower 30s by Sunday. There will be a continued chance for snow and rain on Monday and Tuesday, and some areas may see more freezing rain. The weather pattern will get colder and drier by the middle of next week.