Notes in the Margins: Ag studies, China and the GPA

Farm Boom Sows Jobs Bounty As the agribusiness industry grows, companies like Cargill, Deere and Monsanto are stepping up hiring, which in turn is stoking demand for agriculture degrees. (The Wall Street Journal)

Do colleges care about your GPA? Admissions officers at the nation's top schools say they barely look at an applicant's GPA. (USA Today)

U.S. Universities Must Invest in China Studies Today, many of America's best young Sinologists are forgoing academia and instead choosing more lucrative careers in government or the private sector—working for select audiences on specific topics. (U.S. News & World Report via University World News)

Many students use college aid for unnecessary items Some irresponsible spenders fall to temptation of using excess cash for personal use. (USA Today)

New U.S. Department of Education Policies Hamper Black College Enrollment Thousands of students unexpectedly had to stay at home, transfer to a less expensive school or find new money when the U.S. Department of Education quietly changed how it evaluated the credit of parents applying for a federal PLUS loan. (Associated Press)

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