Notes in the Margins: Business school, Congressional student debt, and life in a van

Ken Ilgunas Lives in a Van While a Graduate Student at Duke University How I found Thoreau — and avoided a life of debt-ridden desperation — by living in my van as a graduate student at Duke University.


 (The New York Times)

Explore Congress Members' Student Loan Debt A recent study says members of Congress face increasing student debt, totaling more than $1 million. (U.S. News & World Report)

Acceptance Rates, Apparently, Are Poor Predictors of Getting In After being a dedicated college applicant for more than a year, I might be expected to understand the admissions process better. Ironically, I am only more baffled by it. (The New York Times)

NCAA official: 'continuing opposition' to $2,000 stipend Middle Tennessee State University President Sidney A. McPhee cited the same problems that have plagued the $2,000-a-year proposal since its introduction, namely that Division I's less-wealthy rank-and-file -- a group that makes up the overwhelming majority of the D-I membership -- feel they cannot afford to either pay the additional costs or see the playing field tilted even more heavily in the favor of the major conferences. (CBS Sports via University Business)

Business Schools Embrace the Liberal Arts The move marks a growing sense that something critical is missing from college business education, something that can’t be easily remedied by a new class or other quick fix. The goal: to create business programs that produce graduates with knowledge of the world that is both broad and deep, and with the complex reasoning, problem solving, and communication skills they’ll need to perform their best at work. (Bloomberg Businessweek via NAICU)

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