MSUSA: How hard it is to study part-time and work

I picked up this Minnesota State University Student Association handout on part-time students and their debt -- I think it was at a recent legislative hearing -- and found some of the stories pretty powerful.

The handout is above, but here are a few snippets that struck me:

From MSU-Moorhead:

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"It's a constant, sickening pressure to know I will be in crushing debt for the rest of my life repaying these loans while I raise my daughter by myself with very minimal child support. ... I will have a poorer academic experience than I would like, because I will be working more than I would like to ..."

From Winona State:

"I work until 1 a.m. and get up at 7 a.m. to go to class. It makes it hard to focus on both work and school, it's hard to stay awake to do what I need to do for class ... and it's hard to stay awake for a 10-hour shift when you don't get enough sleep."

Again from MSU-Moorhead:

"As a single mother ... I will note that grants are slanted against (a)'non-traditional' student like myself, who had some college earlier in life, and then returned when I actually knew what I wanted to do, then was turned down due to high credit load."