Nest-spotting: Eagle numbers growing in the Twin Cities

Bald eagles
Bald eagles perched in a tree near a housing development on the Mississippi River in Lilydale, Minn., in 2011.
MPR Photo/Jeffrey Thompson

Six years after being removed from the federal endangered species list, bald eagles continue their comeback along the Mississippi River in Minnesota.

"An aerial count over the weekend found 38 active nests, two more than last year, in the 72-mile stretch from Dayton to Hastings that makes up the Mississippi National River Recreation Area," reports the Star Tribune. "The 2013 and 2012 numbers are also quite a bit higher than any of the previous counts, which have been done since 2006, a year before the bald eagle came off the federal endangered species list."

• Watch live video of a Twin Cities eagle nest from the Minnesota DNR

Mark Martell, director of bird conservation for Audubon Minnesota, joins The Daily Circuit to discuss the eagles' comeback.

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