Notes in the Margins: Gluten, interest rates and paying for remediation

Report Ranks Universities by Individual Subjects British and American institutions dominate a new QS report that allows prospective students to search a list of top 200 universities based on specific fields of study.


 (The New York Times)

Despite recent study, some universities cater to gluten-free needs Universities have taken limited measures to accommodate their gluten-free and gluten-sensitive students. (USA Today)

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University of California urged to graduate students in 4 years The California governor recently proposed giving UC and Cal State more money if they boost graduation rates 10% by 2017. (Los Angeles Times)

House advances student loan fix The days of fixed-rate student loans could be coming to a close, with House Republicans on Thursday advancing a proposal that would link rates to financial markets. (Associated Press via NAICU)

Let’s reimburse higher ed for remediation costs Taxpayers already have paid for elementary and secondary education once. Why should they have to pay for it again? (The Edmond Sun via University Business)