Minn. House passes K-12 finance bill

The Minnesota House passed a K-12 finance bill that would increase funding by $485 million for all-day kindergarten, special education, early childhood education and the classroom.

DFLers say the bill would help students prepare for the 21st century workforce, adding that the funding should help lower the achievement gap between white children and minorities.

Republicans who criticized the bill say it does not have include enough reforms. GOP Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen of Glencoe said he's concerned the bill changes testing requirements that measure school performance.

"You talk about accountability and the best accountability is public accountability, where the citizens can know that their students are learning something," Gruenhagen said. "That's what a cut score is, OK? And that's what we're taking away here."

The Legislature is expected to meet again Sunday to pass the remaining budget bills. They have until midnight Monday to finish their work.

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