Notes in the Margins: Jobs, our two-tiered system and the European MBA

Jobs for youth today spares economic burden tomorrow (American Public Media)

How America's 2-Tiered Education System Is Perpetuating Inequality And how online courses might only exacerbate the problem. (The Atlantic)

19-Year-Old Wins $100,000 Thiel Foundation Fellowship To Skip College He was chosen after co-founding a healthcare transaction company in high school. Now, with the fellowship funding, he plans to focus on a new Internet startup called, a crowd-funding website for political candidates and non-profits. (The Huffington Post)

A college graduation with 60 speakers Landmark College in Vermont doesn’t name a primary speaker but, rather, gives every graduate two minutes to speak. (The Washington Post)

European M.B.A. Programs Gaining Popularity German business schools, teaching mostly in English, are attracting a more international student body.


 (The New York Times)

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