Gustavus prof: We need to work on mutual respect and confidence

Presidents come and presidents go, but .... (amyfry2000 via Flickr)
Presidents come and presidents go, but .... (amyfry2000 via Flickr)

Yesterday I spoke by phone for a few minutes with Max Hailperin, chairman of the faculty senate at Gustavus Adolphus College.

It was just after the college had announced the coming retirement of President Jack Ohle, who had been weathering calls for his ouster since earlier this year. Ohle had reportedly clashed with faculty, among others, over his management of the college.

Looking back, Hailperin said faculty have generally recognized that Ohle is committed to making Gustavus an even better college than it is now:

"But we don't always agree on how best to achieve that shared goal. And we haven't always been entirely successful or skilful at cultivating the mutual respect and confidence to allow us to constructively work through those disagreements. And I think that's something we're going to have to redouble our commitment to as we work with his successor."

Hailperin said then that he hadn't really spoken with fellow faculty since Ohle's announcement, but said, "Indirect signs point to encouragement about the idea of a new beginning, of moving forward."

He added:

"Presidents come and presidents go, but the commitment to the students remains."

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