Notes in the Margins: Rich kids, recruiters and unpaid interns

Why Students (and Obama) Should STFU Already About College Costs  Obama’s touting more free money, reports are pouring in that tuition fees are rising—but college is still well within reach for most of us, and the wage premium remains huge. (The Daily Beast via NAICU)

Unpaid interns strike back The Fair Pay Campaign is lobbying for legislation that would mandate pay for an intern's labor. (USA Today)

Recruiters Head to B-School Early Companies eager to capture top talent are starting the recruiting process for first-year M.B.A. students even earlier—in some instances before the school year begins. (The Wall Street Journal)

The Tuition Is Too Damn High, Part VIII: Is this all rich kids’ fault? Charging different prices actually drives up the cost of college because it makes the institutions dependent on tuition from wealthy students to cross-subsidize tuition discounts for poorer students. Those wealthy students expect a certain quality of life at their colleges, one that calls for more spending on the part of those colleges and universities. Thus, the underlying price of the college experience rises, which means higher tuition for everybody. (The Washington Post)

Why Keep Athletes Eligible But Uneducated? As another school year and college football season gets underway, Frank Deford looks at the frustrations and challenges facing educators to keep student athletes eligible. (NPR)

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