'Informant' documentary goes inside 2008 RNC protest

A scene from 'Informant.'
A scene from "Informant."
Courtesy Music Box Films

A new documentary that opens tonight at the Film Society of Minneapolis/St. Paul takes us inside the protests that took place during the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul.

It's called "Informant" and it tells the story of how Brandon Darby infiltrated an anarchist group and provided information to the FBI that led to the arrest and prosecution of two men.

Brad Crowder and David McKay pleaded guilty to building and planning to detonate Molotov cocktails during the convention.

Morning Edition producer Jim Bickal talked to the director of "Informant," Jamie Meltzer, about why he wanted to tell the story of Brandon Darby.

Here's the official trailer for "Informant."

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