Notes in the Margins: Texting, millionaires, and refuge for presidents

Government should make greater use of university academics as specialist consultants Moreover, they would likely cost much less than the specialist consultants used by successive governments. (Impact of Social Sciences)

The five best colleges for the money Rather than give you five single schools that represent the best value, here are the five groups that continually pop up at the top of the lists. (USA Today)

The 10 Most Popular College Majors for Millionaires More millionaires have degrees in engineering than any other subject, according to a new study. (Business Insider)

College Students Are Constantly Texting In Class, Study Finds A majority -- 55 percent -- said they did this out of boredom. (The Huffington Post)

College Presidents Escape Leadership Pressures By Moving To Smaller Schools Many presidents are unprepared for the white-hot glare that campus athletics emit when things go wrong, from player arrests to NCAA investigations and coach firings. (Associated Press via The Huffington Post)

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