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Police: stray bullet in Champlin home recklessly fired by noisy neighbor

A Champlin homeowner called police at 7:30 a.m. on Halloween morning to report a shooting.  The homeowner, identified in a complaint filed in Hennepin County District Court as M.C.D., showed police a bullet hole in the rear wall of his house.  According to the complaint, the bullet traveled through his house, passed through a few walls and lodged itself into the far outside wall of the house.

Police traced the trajectory of the bullet holes and determined the shot was likely fired from a house on the block.

"M.C.D. told police that he recently has [sic] problems with the occupants of that house and he had recently told them to turn their music down during a party," reads the complaint.

Police searched the neighboring house and found a 38 caliber revolver in a car driven by Nicholas Fidencio Armijo, 32.  They also found seven empty shell casings.  According to the complaint, Armijo's younger brother Alexander Fidencio Armijo, 27, admitted he fired the gun.  But he said Nicholas was the one who shot at M.C.D.'s house.  "He [Alexander] also explained his brother was intoxicated to the point that he had to assist him in getting ready for bed and walking him downstairs."  Police also learned the shots were fired the night before Halloween.

Both men were charged with reckless discharge of a firearm.


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