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Minneapolis finishes counting ballots Friday night

Three full days after voters cast their ballots in the Minneapolis municipal elections, the results are in.

Election workers finished tabulating the ranked-choice voting totals in seven remaining races on Friday evening (results below).

In the city's ranked-choice voting system, voters choose three candidates in order of preference. When candidates who received the fewest votes are eliminated, voters' support moves to their second choices. A candidate can win by either earning more than 50 percent of the ballot or leading the race when only two candidates remain.

Because there were 35 candidates running for mayor, tabulating the ranked-choice results in that election took longer than expected. Election officials were forced to use computer spreadsheets to allocate the ranked-choice votes because no software is currently certified for use by the government, which the law requires. Outgoing Minneapolis City Council Member Betsy Hodges was elected mayor.

The closest Minneapolis City Council race decided today was in the 9th Ward. It pitted DFLer Alondra Cano versus Socialist Alternative's Ty Moore. When the first round of ballots were counted, Cano led Moore by 129 votes. But as the other candidates were eliminated, her lead increased. By the final round of tabulating, she led by 229 votes. Cano won with 47 percent of the vote.

In the city's 13th Ward, five candidates vied to succeed Minneapolis Mayor-elect Betsy Hodges. Linea Palmisano led after the first-choice ballots were counted. And although her main competitor Matt Perry gained votes when other candidates were eliminated, it wasn't enough for the win.

Election results will officially be certified by the Minneapolis City Council on Tuesday.

Final results for Minneapolis municipal elections, 2013: 

Mayor: Betsy Hodges

City Council Ward 1: Kevin Reich

City Council Ward 2: Cam Gordon

City Council Ward 3: Jacob Frey

City Council Ward 4: Barbara Johnson

City Council Ward 5: Blong Yang

City Council Ward 6: Abdi Warsame

City Council Ward 7: Lisa Goodman

City Council Ward 8: Elizabeth Glidden

City Council Ward 9: Alondra Cano

City Council Ward 10: Lisa Bender

City Council Ward 11: John Quincy

City Council Ward 12: Andrew Johnson

City Council Ward 13: Linea Palmisano

Board of Estimate and Taxation: Carol Becker and David Wheeler

Park and Recreation Board at-large: John Erwin, Annie Young, and Meg Forney

Park and Recreation Board District 1: Liz Wielinski

Park and Recreation Board District 2: Jon Olson

Park and Recreation Board District 3: Scott Vreeland

Park and Recreation Board District 4: Anita Tabb

Park and Recreation Board District 5: Steffanie Musich

Park and Recreation Board District 6: Brad Bourn

City question 1:  Yes

Proposal to Amend the Minneapolis City Charter

1)  “Shall the Minneapolis City Charter be amended in the form of a complete revision which (1) modernizes the Charter; (2) redrafts its provisions for brevity and in plain language; (3) reorganizes the Charter into nine articles, and groups related provisions together; (4) removes from the Charter certain provisions for possible enactment into ordinance; and (5) retains the current role and relationships of City boards and commissions?”

City question 2: Yes

Proposal to Amend the Minneapolis City Charter Liquor-Licensing Provisions

2)  “Shall the Minneapolis City Charter provisions relating to the sale of liquor and wine be amended by reorganizing and rewriting in plain modern language?”

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