Notes in the Margins: Work-study cuts, sexual assaults, and penalization of the poor

Texas University’s Race Admissions Policy Is Debated Before a Federal Court An affirmative-action program at the University of Texas at Austin that takes applicants’ race into account was unnecessary because the campus had achieved a “critical mass” of minority students, lawyers told a federal appeals court. (The New York Times)

Stop Penalizing Poor College Students The way the Pell grant program is designed makes it harder for low-income students to graduate on schedule. (The New York Times)

Cuts to federal work-study affect students, communities Cuts to federal work-study programs leave students with less work and smaller paychecks. (USA Today)

Undergrads Around the World Face Student Loan Debt Student debt is not unique to the United States, but financial aid systems vary around the world. (U.S. News & World Report)

Amherst, Vanderbilt Accused Of Botching Sexual Assault Complaints Two former Amherst College students who said they had been raped at the school accuse it of improper responses that one woman said included sending her to a psychiatric ward. (The Huffington Post)

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