Notes in the Margins: Personal IPOs, free education and the PSAT

The IPO of You and Me: How Normal People Are Becoming Corporations It's an alternative to student debt. But services like Upstart and Pave thrive in desperate times. In a healthy economy, it's hard to imagine Ivy League graduates chaining themselves to wealthy patrons via high-tech income-sharing arrangements. (New York)

Should We Just Start Over on Federal Financial Aid? some senators are considering if it might be a good idea to just scrap the whole system of Pell grants and subsidized federal student loans, and just start all over again. (Washington Monthly)

Princeton University Considers Use of Foreign Meningitis Vaccine The university’s leaders are contemplating a stronger step to halt an outbreak that has hospitalized seven people: distributing a vaccine not approved for use in the United States. (The New York Times)

Why the PSAT is more important than the SAT While high school seniors are hard at work studying for the SAT, many would be shocked to know they could’ve avoided this unwanted stress. Little do they know that the most important test (for scholarships, anyway) has already long passed. (USA Today)

Public universities should be free Americans are losing access to higher education because they have forgotten what "public" means. (Al Jazeera America via University Business)

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