The best books for movie lovers

If you're looking for a gift for a movie lover, a book might be a good alternative to a DVD. For Screen Time, Stephanie and Kerri will discuss books for film lovers.

Here are some recommendations from Stephanie:

"The Devil's Candy" by Julie Salamon

Brian De Palma's version of Tom Wolfe's bestselling novel "The Bonfire of the Vanities" aimed to be an Oscar-nominee for best picture. Instead it was a nominee for the Razzies. Journalist Julie Salamon was on the set to chronicle how things went so wrong.

"The Jaws Log" by Carl Gottlieb

The flip of "The Devil's Candy," this book details the messy process of how to make a blockbuster. Carl Gottlieb's glimpse into the making of Jaws inspired Steven Soderbergh to become a filmmaker. Buy it for the would-be auteur in your life.

Before you keep reading ...

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"The Biographical Dictionary of Film" by David Thomson

Open to any page and you'll get sucked in. Thomson's regularly updated book is the most opinionated reference book you'll ever read.

"Silent Stars" by Jeanine Basinger

This book brings the stars of early Hollywood to life. Even if you are not a student of the silent era, you'll find the stories of Lon Caney, Clara Bow, and the early Hollywood business titans engrossing. It's a work of serious scholarship, but still a fun read.