At the Metrodome, they literally blew the roof off the dump this morning

Crews tearing down the Metrodome passed another milestone today: the cables that criss-crossed the iconic inflatable roof were cut loose from the walls. With explosives, no less.

Here's what it looks like now, in a tweet just after the explosion ,from from Janey Kryluik:

Salvagers cut down the roof fabric last month, within minutes of the January 18th deflation of the teflon and fiberglass roof. Since then, they've been tearing away at loading dock, the stands and the building interior.

Here's what the Vikings said about it:

"The Metrodome roof support cables will be severed, causing the final roof structure to fall to the stadium floor. The process will involve small demolition charges placed on the cables that will be detonated simultaneously. Mortenson Construction expects minimal disturbance in terms of noise, vibration and dust. For comparison, the detonation will have a slightly lower decibel level than the pyrotechnics used following a Vikings touchdown. The only real disturbance will be temporary street and sidewalk closures from 5:30-8:00 a.m., as no public access will be permitted within 250 feet of the Metrodome."


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