Is Glenn Greenwald a thief?

"A senior US legislator has accused the former Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald of illegally selling National Security Agency documents provided to him by the whistleblower Edward Snowden," writes Spencer Ackerman for the Guardian.

Representative Mike Rogers, chairman of the House intelligence committee, suggested Greenwald was a “thief” after he worked with news organizations who paid for stories based on the documents.

“For personal gain, he’s now selling his access to information, that’s how they’re terming it … A thief selling stolen material is a thief,” Politico quoted Rogers as saying after a committee hearing on Tuesday. Rogers said his source for the information was “other nations' press services”.

Since leaving the Guardian in October, Greenwald has worked on a freelance basis with news organizations worldwide on stories based on Snowden’s surveillance documents. But he told the Guardian he has “never, never, ever” sold the documents themselves to anyone “Mike Rogers is literally just fabricating and lying when he says that,” Greenwald said.

Today's Question: Is Glenn Greenwald a thief?

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