Want to make a buck off the All-Star Game? Better ask MLB

Entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the throngs of fans who'll descend on Minneapolis for the 2014 All-Star Game will need permission from Major League Baseball.

A resolution making its way through the Minneapolis City Council would give the league veto power over any temporary businesses licenses in three designated "clean zones" from July 5-20. The All-Star Game is July 15.

The city has also agreed to assign police and licensing inspectors to ensure that the clean zones are free from any unauthorized commercial activity, including:

(i) transient vending or other sales by any individual or entity;

(ii) sampling of consumable items;

(iii) any temporary signage viewable from public property, including mobile signage;

(iv) the construction of any temporary structure or inflatable device;

(v) the hosting of any temporary public hospitality events;

(vi) the sale of counterfeit or infringing merchandise and counterfeit tickets;

The resolution states the restrictions will "ensure that the focus of the entire event remains on the fans, athletes, coaches, and the game of baseball."

The zones include all of downtown, plus parts of the University of Minnesota and northeast Minneapolis.

clean zone

The northeast clean zone includes two athletic fields where the Twins will host youth baseball games during the week of the All-Star Game, business licensing manager Grant Wilson said.

In 2011, then-City Manager Steven Bosacker agreed to create the zones as part of the city's bid to land the event. The council's resolution would make it official.

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