Notes in the Margins: Catholic colleges, black students, and study abroad

Why sexual assault cases on campus are often investigated by school, not police  Many victims are not prepared to go through the entire legal process because it can laborious and often not successful in winning a conviction. Some who don’t want to go to the police still don’t want the person who assaulted them living down the dormitory hall and want to feel safe on campus, so they prefer the campus judicial route. (The Washington Post)

What if we Tried to Apply the For-Profit Colleges Rule to Real Colleges? While it’s true that people at for-profit colleges are mostly working class students looking to obtain better jobs, getting screwed is getting screwed, even if the students are middle class. (Washington Monthly)

African American students weigh campus attitudes in picking colleges For black students, a campus with few of their peers can be a daunting prospect. (Los Angeles Times)

The perils of ranking Catholic colleges Many Catholics choosing to go into ministry are not chasing engineer-like incomes. Yet it may cost them significant sums to obtain degrees and certifications to work in this field. They may be willing to make a greater sacrifice even if the government tells them that this is a "bad value." (National Catholic Reporter via NAICU)

Costs Drive Both Sides of Study Abroad Both the U.S. and UK are home to some of the best higher education institutions in the world, but they have significant problems with inspiring their own students to go overseas. (The New York Times)

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