Mr. Little Jeans, Riddle Room, Guinean drumming

This week, nordic electropop that's artfully accessible, a room from which you and eleven others will never escape unless you solve some puzzles, and learning about Guinean drumming and dance traditions.

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Anne Adabra

Haitian folkloric dancer Anne Adabra will get a fuller sense of her own West African roots when she takes part in the Fakoly Drum and Dance workshops at the Ritz Theater in Minneapolis, May 16 -18. Duniya Drum and Dance will be joined by other Guinean master drummers and the National Ballet of Guinee in a special performance, Saturday night at 8pm.


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Would you pay cash money to be locked in a mysterious room in Northeast Minneapolis with a bunch of people, and then have to solve some puzzles to win the key to your freedom, all in under an hour? Improvisor and podcaster Aric McKeown says sign me up for the "Riddle Room!"



Brian Austin, one of the executive producers of the 2014 "Motion Poems" series, will be enjoying the cool, intriguing electropop of Norway's "Mr. Little Jeans," at the 7th St. Entry in Minneapolis on Saturday, May 17.


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