Federal agency to review MNsure procedures

A watchdog agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will audit Minnesota's online health insurance marketplace to determine if its internal controls were effective in ensuring that individuals who enrolled in qualified health plans met federal requirements.

MNsure leaders expect the review to be part of an audit of state-based insurance marketplaces, said MNsure spokesman Joe Campbell.

"Our understanding is that it's part of a national audit requested by Congress," he said. "The OIG is currently wrapping up an audit of the federal exchange, the report's due out in about a month. And so we expect this to be a similar type of evaluation that was done for the federal exchange."

In April, MNsure's board of directors hired a new general contractor, Deloitte Consulting, to advise leaders on how much of the current system can be salvaged for the future.

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