Photos: Minnesota's first snow arrives early

Enjoying the snow.
1 Enjoying the snow. 
North Minneapolis resident shoveling the sidewalk.
2 North Minneapolis resident shoveling the sidewalk. 
Runner on John Ireland Blvd.
3 Runner on John Ireland Blvd. 
Adirondack chairs on Summit Avenue.
4 Adirondack chairs on Summit Avenue. 
Ducks fly over a pond.
5 Ducks fly over a pond. 
Kids have a snowball fight.
6 Kids have a snowball fight. 
7 Ice 
Going for a walk
8 Going for a walk 
9 Shoveling 
Barry ZeVan pours chemical and salt.
10 Barry ZeVan pours chemical and salt. 
Bird at Theodore Wirth Park.
11 Bird at Theodore Wirth Park. 
Limited visibility
12 Limited visibility 
Construction workers in the snow.
13 Construction workers in the snow. 
Tracks in the snow
14 Tracks in the snow 
Semi skids off I-94
15 Semi skids off I-94 
Taking pictures in the snow
16 Taking pictures in the snow 
Walking with dog
17 Walking with dog 
Mississippi River
18 Mississippi River 
Waiting for the bus
19 Waiting for the bus 
St. Cloud snow
20 St. Cloud snow 
Walking to school
21 Walking to school 
Skiing in St. Cloud
22 Skiing in St. Cloud