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A day at Augsburg College

Not much at first. (Courtesy of Augsburg)

That’s it.

That's more or less what I saw the first time I encountered Augsburg College – in the summer of 2004 when I first moved to the Twin Cities.

It was just a sign on big building in Minneapolis off Interstate 94, and I had no clue what the campus looked like.

Since I started covering Augsburg and higher education in 2010, the campus image has grown in my mind -- as place with its own Scandinavian Christmas festival, a surprising amount of diversity, a gender-neutral bathroom day and one that doesn't mess around when it comes to community service.

It hosts the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, and its president is known for his bow ties.

Pribbenow (Courtesy of Augsburg College)

And oh, yeah -- it's happy.

I'm excited to finally get the chance to spend the day there – one of the smallest, densest four-year campuses in the state.

It'll be winter, so the foliage won't be there, but apparently it looks like this:

A little more color (Courtesy of Augsburg College)

Follow me today as I give you a flavor of what life is like at Augsburg.

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