Photos: Explore the 'World's Largest' across Minnesota

1 North St. Paul is home to the world's largest concrete snowman. The 44-foot tall statue was built in 1972. 
Otto the Big Otter
2 Otto the Big Otter is said to be the world's largest otter and can be found on the banks of the Otter Tail River in Fergus Falls, Minn. The 40-foot-long statue was built in 1972. 
3 Pelican Rapids claims that Pelican Pete, who sits at the foot of the Mill Pond Dam, is the largest in the world. The 15-1/2 foot sculpture was built in 1957. 
Booming Prairie Chicken
4 Rothsay, Minn., claims its 13-foot-tall prairie chicken, built in 1976, is the largest in the world. 
5 Standing at over 20 feet tall, the world's largest turkey is located in Frazee, Minn. The original sculpture was dedicated in 1986 and burned down in 1998. A new sculpture was erected that same year. 
World's largest loon
6 The 20-foot-tall loon that overlooks Long Lake in Vergas, Minn. is said to be the world's largest loon. 
Lou T. Fisk
7 Lou T. Fisk is said to be the world's largest cod, at 25 feet long. It was unveiled in Madison, Minn., in 1983. 
Willie Walleye
8 A postcard of the Willie Walleye statue in Baudette, Minn., around 1960. Willie is the largest walleye statue at 40 feet, though a few others claim the "world's largest" title. 
Ball of twine
9 The largest ball of twine made by one man is located in Darwin, Minn. It's the subject of the "Weird Al" Yankovic song "The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota." 
Ear of corn
10 Olivia, Minn., unveiled this corn statue in 1973. At 25 feet, it's two feet taller than the ear of corn water tower in Rochester, Minn. 
Big Ole
11 Big Ole was built in 1965 for the World's Fair. The 28-foot-tall statue was returned to Alexandria, Minn., after the fair was over. 
Nyberg Park
12 Nyberg Park in Vining, Minn., features the work of sculptor Ken Nyberg, who makes large sculptures from metal scraps. His sculptures include Football (which is made of lawnmower blades) and Coffee Cup. Ken also happens to be the father of astronaut Karen Nyberg. 
World's largest peace pipe
13 The world's largest peace pipe is located at the Keepers of the Sacred Tradition of Pipemakers on Hiawatha Avenue in Pipestone, Minn. It was installed in 1999. 
Hockey stick
14 The world's largest free-standing hockey stick and puck was installed in Eveleth, Minn., in 2002 and is 110 feet long. 
Giant ball of paper
15 The MPCA set a record with this giant ball of paper, weighing 426 pounds, at the State Fair.