How free tuition plan could change Minnesota two-year colleges

Inver Hills Community College
Inver Hills Community College campus
MPR photo/Alex Friedrich

During his State of the Union address last week, President Obama outlined his proposal to offer free two-year college.

Minnesota lawmakers are also creating a similar plan in the state. DFL senators have put forth a bill to offer free two-year college.

From MPR News:

The tuition-free plan is aimed at improving the state's workforce. State Sen. Leroy Stumpf, DFL-Plummer, says he started hearing concerns about the need for more training two years ago when he was considering projects for the bonding bill.

"It didn't matter where we went across the state, there were all of these employers and communities saying, 'we just can't fill these jobs and don't have the qualified people,'" he recalled.

Stumpf hopes that students will take advantage of the free offer, enter school and obtain an education that could land them a job.

The lawmakers are getting plenty of push back on their plan, but what would it mean for our state's two-year colleges?

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