What climate change means for Minnesota moose

Collared moose
A successfully collared cow moose turns back toward the capture crew before ambling off into the thicket to be reunited with her calf.
Courtesy the Minnesota DNR

As part of the MPR News special series on climate change in Minnesota, we look at how the state's warming trends are affecting species like moose.

The statistics show Minnesota has warmed by about two degrees—more in some places— and is seeing more destructive downpours.

Species like moose that love cold climates are disappearing. Northeastern Minnesota has lost half its moose population in less than 10 years. Researchers don't know exactly why, but they believe climate change is likely part of the reason. The Minnesota DNR is half-way through a landmark study trying to tease out what exactly is causing the collapse.

Lou Cornicelli from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources joins us to talk about the future of moose in Minnesota.

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