Photographer Jim Brandenburg captures daily one-minute views of nature

Gray wolf
A gray wolf stretches in this undated still.
Photo courtesy Jim Brandenburg
Photographer Jim Brandenburg
Photographer Jim Brandenburg
Grant Hunter

Renowned Minnesota photographer Jim Brandenburg has a new project underway: He's posting short videos of nature — most around a minute long — every day.

Brandenburg began on Jan. 1, and plans to continue through the end of 2015.

"A lot of it was stuff that I just shot because I live in a pretty magical place and a lot of neat things happen," Brandenburg told Tom Weber on MPR News. "At one point I had a pack of 19 wolves that I would see almost every day and live with. They didn't know I was there most of the time."

The project is simple, but Brandenburg said he hopes to make a bigger impact on viewers.

"I've always really believed — when it comes to the environment which I feel very strongly about — it's pretty hard to preach it and hit people over the head," he said. "They need to have their own self-transformation. I'm thinking little projects like this can make a difference... Maybe someone that never gets into nature will see something and feel something."

The first video was a time-lapse of a frozen and still Minnesota lake with Northern Lights in the sky above:

A black wolf named Blackie also makes a number of appearances in his videos:

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