Pedal Hub: Cycle tracks vs. parking spaces

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A cyclist on Washington Avenue
A cyclist headed down Washington Avenue in downtown Minneapolis, Friday, March 13, 2015.
Courtesy Patrick Stephenson

The effort to improve bike infrastructure in a downtown core often crashes into the issue of parking.

To build cycle tracks or protected bike lanes you have to sacrifice a few parking spots, but downtown businesses say they can't afford to give them up.

It's happening in downtown St. Paul, and on Washington Avenue in downtown Minneapolis, where Pedal Hubber and bike shop owner Gene Oberpriller finds himself in a conflicted position.

Also on the show, how winter fatigue leads to bike withdrawal. BTW, the views on this episode were expressed before the recent warm-up.

Plus, boiling down "30-Days of Biking," and #Geno's hashtag of the week!

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