The Daily Digest: Midnight tonight

Welcome to the Daily Digest, where legislators are plowing through conference committee reports at the Legislature.

But a veto threat - and special session - still loom.

Here's where things stand as of this morning:

Legislators have until midnight tonight to finish their work. House and Senate leaders announced an agreement on budget targets Friday night. (MPR News)

Since then, there's been significant progress on a number of issues, including funding for health and human services, higher education and a bare bones transportation package.

But over the course of the weekend, Dayton repeatedly said he would veto the K-12 funding bill because it doesn't go far enough financially and because it doesn't earmark funding for pre-kindergarten in public schools.

The looming veto didn't stop legislators from continuing work on the education bill. (MPR News)

Even U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan weighed in on the education funding stand-off. (MPR News)

Now, Dayton is telling legislators to prepare for a special session - and it could be held in a tent, if the Capitol is inaccessible due to construction. (MPR News)

Dayton has concerns about other bills, too, including a proposal on buffers between farms and waterways. But he stopped short of saying he would veto them as well. (AP via MPR News)


The 2016 presidential campaigns are being remade by super PACs. (The New York Times)

The Republican party's loyal core is getting older and dying. (Politico)

Hillary Clinton is shifting her campaign to the left. (The Washington Post)

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