Photos: Twin Cities streets at the end of the Depression

Man on park bench
1 Man on park bench 
Men in the park
2 Men in the park 
Abandoned factory
3 Abandoned factory 
Slum housing
4 Slum housing 
Secondhand dress shop
5 Secondhand dress shop 
Employment agency
6 Employment agency 
Pawn shops and secondhand stores
7 Pawn shops and secondhand stores 
Pawn shop
8 Pawn shop 
Child watching train
9 Child watching train 
10 Streetcars 
Billboard in transition
11 Billboard in transition 
Picketing Creamette
12 Picketing Creamette 
Ladies who live in rooming house
13 Ladies who live in rooming house 
Morning paper
14 Morning paper 
Gas station
15 Gas station 
Flour mills and billboards
16 Flour mills and billboards 
Boarding house
17 Boarding house 
Second Street boarding house
18 Second Street boarding house