Pedal Hub: Don't be a jerk

Midtown Greenway
In this May 4, 2014 photo, a biker cycles along the Midtown Greenway, as some pedestrians stroll down an entry/exit ramp in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis.
Adam Geller | AP 2014

Bike path behavior and pedal pubs are occupying the Pedal Hubbers this episode.

To get beyond our bike biases, we asked Bob Collins to be our guest.

Bob writes the NewsCut blog for MPR News. He's reflected on bike path rules and etiquette, and the Memorial Day weekend ambush of a few pedal pubs by squirt-gun-shooting, water-balloon-lobbing marauders on bikes.

Our discussion delved into such topics as the aging cycling population, the urban/suburban divide, and the tribe mentality that exists not only in cycling culture but everywhere else.

And, Bob shared a maxim that's become this episode's mantra (and title).

Before you go...

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