The Daily Digest: Same-sex marriage dominates news

Here are a few stories you have missed over the weekend.

In the wake of last Friday's historic ruling on same-sex marriage, Republican candidates are trying to figure out how to respond. Some Republicans are saying the ruling effectively wipes the slate clean, allowing top candidates to abandon social issues in 2016 and focus on economic issues and foreign affairs. (The New York Times)

Groups opposing same-sex marriage say their fight is far from over. The same is being said on the other side, with gay rights activists saying their work won't be done until they have secured housing and workplace equality. (The Washington Post)

In other news, Bernie Sanders is coming to Rochester, Minn., on Thursday. This will be his second visit to the state, and while Hillary Clinton is still beating him among African Americans, for instance, he's a legitimate threat to Clinton's campaign. (The Washington Post)

The Supreme Court also upheld the Affordable Care Act last week, so it seemed like a good time to fact-check some claims about the law. (MPR News)

And don't forget: This week is Gov. Mark Dayton's only chance to raise pay for his commissioners before future raises are back in the hands of the Legislature. Watch for an announcement Tuesday or Wednesday.


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