The Daily Digest: Money deadline

Good morning. Here are five political stories to follow today.

1. LeafLine hires legislator.

Rep. Dan Schoen, DFL-St. Paul Park, who supported Minnesota’s medical marijuana law, is taking a temporary job with one of the state-approved medical marijuana manufacturers. He's not the first public servant to find work with LeafLine Labs: Manny Munson-Regala, who was in charge of the state’s Office of Medical Cannabis at the state health department, became chief executive officer of LeafLine Labs last month. (MPR News)

2. Money race.

Yesterday was a key campaign finance filing deadline, particularly for most of the presidential candidates: It's the first glimpse of their fundraising since the spring, when most of them announced their candidacy. Most candidates - including members of Minnesota's D.C. delegation running in 2016 - waited until late in the day to file their numbers. That said, the New York Times has a glance at where the top candidates stand (and remember, these numbers don't include information about super PACs.) (The New York Times)

3. Got cash?

If so, a Republican presidential candidate wants to talk to you. A small group of wealthy donors is dominating the fundraising efforts of top GOP presidential candidates so far. (The Washington Post)

4. "New low" at IRS.

The Internal Revenue Service has seen budget cuts in recent years, and the timing couldn't be worse. As taxpayers are grappling with a new health coverage requirement and identify theft, customer service has taken a hit. (AP via Star Tribune)

5. Pluto.

Because why not in these slow summer months?


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