The Daily Digest: Tax relief for pre-K funding

Good morning. Here are five politics stories to follow today.

1. No pre-K, no tax relief.

Or at least that's the gauntlet Gov. Mark Dayton laid down on Tuesday. Funding for early education nearly caused a partial government shutdown this year, and clearly it's going to be a big issue next year, too. (MPR News)

2. Also, no Planned Parenthood investigation.

Dayton also rejected GOP calls to investigate local Planned Parenthood facilities for illegally selling organs from aborted fetuses. Local Planned Parenthood officials said facilities operating in Minnesota not have a fetal tissue donation programs. (MPR News)

3. Planned Parenthood + Obamacare + Transportation = Grandstanding.

Republican presidential hopefuls who are also Senators are eyeing a must-pass transportation funding bill as a way to gain some media and voter traction on issues near to the GOP base - namely de-funding Planned Parenthood and the Affordable Care Act. (Politico)

4. Another day, another candidate.

I think we've all become so immune to news about new presidential candidates that we hardly notice announcements. But in case you missed it, the latest comes from Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who is best known for cutting Ohio's budget and privatizing some of the state's services. (Associated Press)

5. "A loser and a moron."

That's just one zinger produced by the hilarious Donald Trump Insult Generator. Here's mine: "Catharine Richert, a totally overrated clown who speaks without knowing facts, is truly dumb as a rock."

Have fun.

Before you go...

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