Forager finds a walk in the woods yields tasty treats

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Maggie Kwong Taylor on a mushroom foraging walk.
Minutes into a foraging walk Maggie Kwong Taylor harvested a motherlode of chanterelle mushrooms at Innsbruck Nature Center in Fridley, Minn., on July 23, 2015.
Dan Olson | MPR News

To foragers, the outdoors is like a vast grocery store. That's true even around the Twin Cities.

Expert forager Margaret Kwong Taylor recently found some beautiful, edible gems — a gorgeous little collection of chanterelle mushrooms — as she walked in a public woods in a northern suburb.

Depending on the season, foragers find a wide range of edibles. "Raspberries, you can always find garlic mustard which makes a very good pesto," she said. "The plantain, you can actually pick them and make a very good tea."

Click on the audio to hear more from Taylor on the benefits of foraging, what she finds and her one strict rule.