Photos: Humans of Creative Activities

Anne Venne
Anne Venne, Roseville: Needlework | "Since 1987, [I've brought] something, one or two things," Anne Venne, 92, said. She sat on a bench with her entries of embroidery and crochet tucked neatly among sheets of thin paper. "I've never skunked yet," she said. "I always come home with two or three ribbons. And sometimes a blue."
Molly Bloom | MPR News

Thousands of Minnesotans show off their skills every year at the State Fair's Creative Activities building.

The entries break down into seven groups — baking, canning, collections, garment making, handcrafts, needlecraft and "works of senior citizens." But there are hundreds of categories: 117 in the baking division alone. For example, there are categories for both "Bundt-type coffee cake" and "coffee ring."

Over two weekends in August, people came from all over the state to drop off their entries. MPR News talked to a few of them.

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