DFL gives contributions from Bill Davis to charity

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DFL Party Chair Ken Martin said Wednesday that the party is redirecting contributions from Bill Davis to Simpson Housing Services in Minneapolis.

Davis is a longtime Democrat who was indicted last week on federal charges of theft and fraud.

“We find it morally reprehensible that someone would take money from the needy for their own personal use," Martin said in a statement.

Martin said the party is redirecting $2,065 that Davis donated since Martin was elected party chair in 2011.

“The facts will come out through the legal process but ahead of that finding, we will redirect Davis’ donations to Simpson Housing Services that supports and advocates for people who are experiencing homelessness,” Martin said.

Davis was the treasurer of the DFL Party from 2006 to 2009. He also served as Democratic National Committeeman.

He was indicted on federal charges that he and his son, Jordan, conspired to steal money from Community Action of Minneapolis.

Both men have pleaded not guilty in federal court. Their trial is set to begin Nov. 16.

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