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Unable to gin up business, PedalPub rides out of Rochester

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Owners of the Rochester PedalPub have announced plans to leave the Med City next month.

The people-powered, slow-moving beer bar entered the Rochester market in 2013. Managing partner Al Boyce says the company booked about 100 tours each year, not enough to sustain rising storage costs for the 16-seat ride.

With Rochester growing so rapidly, "we thought that perhaps we would tap into that market growth and it just hasn't been timely enough for us to get the number of tours we needed to support it," Boyce said. "We got off to a good start but in subsequent years, we just have not seen the numbers that we were hoping for there."

Boyce says the company may bring the PedalPub back to Rochester in the future. The company will honor reservations through Nov. 15.