Earth selfie: Cyclone Chapala

Earth: Nov. 1, 2015
Cyclone Chapala looms southeast of the Arabian peninsula on Sunday.
NASA | NOAA's DSCOVR mission

This week's Earth selfie centers on the Arabian sea, with Africa to the left and India just right of center. Australia is sneaking into view in the far lower right.

Cyclone Chapala takes center stage as the first storm in the Arabian sea to reach hurricane-strength this year. This is the farthest south a cyclone of this strength has been tracked.

Chapala made landfall in Yemen, near the city of Mukalla Tuesday, causing massive flooding as years worth of rain pummeled the arid nation according to NPR.

Cyclone Chapala
Cyclone Chapala gathers strength off the Arabian Peninsula on Sunday.
NASA | NOAA's DSCOVR mission

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